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About Us

Complete Lifestyle Warehouse was established in 2011 by owner and CEO, Peter Benz. Peter worked for some time overseas and during visits back home he was dismayed to find that most products sold in Namibia were being sold at unreasonable premiums. This leads to significant parts of the community being excluded from owning basic household goods such as cupboards, chests of drawers and bedding. Where financing options are offered, these come with interest rates which make already expensive products even more expensive, often without a clear indication of what the final price of the product is. 


The question became: “How we can go about providing good quality products at a good price and offer honest and clear financing options?  The mission was to create a company that could benefit a lot of people by providing attractive alternatives to the current product offering in Namibia as well as simultaneously creating employment.”


Complete Lifestyle Warehouse is a rapidly growing specialty retailer of high quality, value priced home furnishings. CLW offers a broad selection of kitchens, dining furniture, wardrobes, chest of drawers, shelves, sofas and outdoor furniture. CLW is a family run business.


Complete Lifestyle Warehouse cc

Windhoek: 081 1268 509 or 061 300751

Walvis Bay: 081 254 5130

*Prices are indicative and whilst every effort is made to always have them updated, final sales prices have to be confirmed at the physical sales locations.

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