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Pre-Order Description:

Do you like to save money? 


Do you like saving money without effort? 

Then CLW’s pre-order approach is for you!!


CLW’s unique pre-order approach helps our customers secure incredible discounts up to 25% on brand new items by ordering and paying for items before they arrive in store. If you pay the full amount prior to arrival of the items, your discount is an incredible 25% (i.e. you only have to pay 75% of the full item price). If you opt for the layby option and deposit 50% or more prior to goods arrival, your discount is 15% (i.e. you only have to pay 85% of the item price). 

Steps to secure your incredible discount:

1. Browse the pre-order items here: (to be activated soon)

2. Fill in the order form here:  (to be activated soon)  and submit. 


Make sure to fill in your correct cellphone and email details so that we can contact you. Upon receipt of the order form, we will contact you the next working day to confirm the order and provide you with EFT payment details which also can be found here. We will send you an invoice via email and WhatsApp for your selected option. At this stage, all that is needed is for you to make an EFT transfer for the invoice amount! We will confirm receipt of payment and keep you updated. 


You will receive regular updates as to item arrival time. Once your item has arrived, you will be notified via email and SMS/WhatsApp and you will be able to collect your items from CLW branches in Windhoek or Walvis Bay. Alternatively we can arrange for transport to your location in these cities or with our partners, FP du Toit send your items to most towns in Namibia for an additional fee. 


If you have any questions on this, please call us on: 061 300 751 / 081 126 8509 or WhatsApp on 081 327 3099 or email:


The current selection of pre-order items are on the way to Walvis Bay  and are scheduled to arrive on the (to be announced soon). The pre-order offer for these items is valid up to an including the (to be announced soon). 



*Terms and Conditions*

1. Your pre-order discount can only be claimed upon receipt of payment in our bank account. Upon submission of this pre-order you will receive notification from CLW with invoice and payment details. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive regular updates as to arrival of your item. 


2. If you have opted for the layby option, you are required to clear the remaining balance within 2 months of receiving notification of the arrival of items at CLW. Should you not clear the remaining balance within this timescale, you will not be able to claim the discount and our usual layby terms apply which can be found on our website at


3. Prices quoted on the website and those quoted in this offer are exclusive of delivery costs. Items can be collected from our locations in Windhoek or Walvis Bay. Delivery to other locations will incur additional charges. 


4. Shipping delays are common and have become more frequent in recent years. CLW cc does not accept any liability arising from shipping delays. 


5. Should the item that you have purchased not arrive for any reason, you will be eligible for a refund of the amount you have paid via bank transfer only. No cash refunds will be given. 

6. Please ensure that you provide the correct contact details in email and cellphone number boxes in this form as without the correct details we will not be able to contact you. 

7. Please use your cellphone number or invoice number as payment reference when making payments to us as otherwise there may be delays in allocating payments to your account. 

Complete Lifestyle Warehouse cc

Windhoek: 081 1268 509 or 061 300751

Walvis Bay: 081 254 5130

*Prices are indicative and whilst every effort is made to always have them updated, final sales prices have to be confirmed at the physical sales locations.

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